What does a freelancer actually do between big projects?

After my last assignment, I took a winter break and recharged my batteries.

Now it’s time to arrive furhter at my new and old adopted home. It’s only two years ago that I moved to the neighbourhood of Kiel and thus back to the north. In the last two years, I’ve been on longer project assignments in Duesseldorf and Hamburg. Now I can take the time to reactivate and expand my network. It’s particularly nice to be able to arrange face-to-face meetings again after the pandemic and to be able to attend events and training courses in person again. For example, on Tuesday evening, 20.02.2024 at the invitation of the #WirtschaftsakademieSchleswigHolstein and the #LuebeckerNachrichten for HR networking in the Alte Schweißerei of the #WirtschaftsakademieSchleswigHolstein.

Speaking of training: I’m also using the time to polish up my French with a weekly French course at the #Institut Français in Kiel.

Of course, there are also the clients and assignments that not only take place between the big interim projects, but also make my personal interim bouquet particularly colourful 💐.

At the moment, I have the opportunity to support the integration process of a former community practice into a large so-called medical centre in my old home town.