Horse Assisted Training

Horses give you direct and unfiltered feedback of your way to communicate, to lead and to present yourself. A horse assisted management training gives you the opportunity to recognize your (often unconscious) impact on others.  Through the feedback of the horses and led reflection and feedback sessions you get the chance to recognize individual patterns of behaviour and thus to change them if necessary or wanted. We offer this training method as an open and in-house training concept.

Training Content

  • Practical exercises with the horses (on the ground and on same eye level)
  • Led self-reflection and resource-orientated feedback sessions
  • Video feedback of the practical exercises
  • Short theoretical input concerning communication and leadership
  • Accompanied practical transfer

Training Aim

  • To give a momentum for a personal and professional development process
  • To recognize and to scrutinize individual patterns of behaviour, communication and leadership
  • To synchronize the self-perception and the perception of the others

This management training addresses to people who want to deepen their practical knowledge on communication and leadership and who wish to develop their personalities:

  • Board Members (m/f)
  • Managing Director (m/f)
  • Head of a Business Unit or Department (m/f)
  • Team or Project Manager (m/f)
  • Young Executives (m/f)
  • Self-employed (m/f)
  • Interested (m/f)